JoGis Art​


Jordi Gil Fernandez, a multidisciplinary artist and former extreme high-competition athlete, born in the Catalan Pyrenees and residing in Marbella.

Who I am?

JoGis Art is the pseudonym used by Jordi Gil Fernandez, a multidisciplinary artist and former extreme high-competition athlete.

JoGis Art is a self-taught talent with a distinct style inspired in pop art as well as street art. Their work is characterised by fluorescent colours, combining a variety of mastered techniques and textures, along with the most exclusive materials in the world, making their creations truly unique and unrepeatable collector items.

JoGis Art stands out for its creativity when it comes to painting and customising any structure, whether it’s a canvas, a furniture line, or even luxury cars. What’s more, his artwork is being currently showcased on the main audiovisual media sets of our country.

JoGis Art Space Marbella

JoGis Art has aimed to take their art much further, turning their entire world into an endless array of experiences, being one of the few artists in the world working to establish their own network of galleries. Their first art gallery is located in Marbella.

JoGis Bear, the most popular sculpture among all families.

JoGis Art presents a sculpture with a deep message, and what’s most special about it, is that it’s 100% customisable!

At first glance, it’s just a friendly smiling bear with a very positive pose that conveys happiness and wellbeing. Nonetheless, there’s a greater message, as JoGis Art wants to convey their lifestyle towards success through a process of trial and error.

Let’s begin with the bear’s big feet, which represent the sense of having your feet on the ground in order to move forward. Then, its smiling face along with the thumbs up sign, represent the happy and positive disposition we need to have throughout our progress in life. How about its big head and ears? JoGis Bear’s big head reflects the importance of intelligence to be successful in life, while the ears are to listen to life’s great lessons.

The "Resistencia" sofa

The most famous sofa on television was created by JoGis Art. The successful Spanish show La Resistencia chose JoGis Art to design the sofa, from which guest celebrities are interviewed by David Broncano.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

JoGis Art represented Spain in the Qatar World Football Cup, painting a goal frame that was displayed in Doha

Suite Gold by JoGis Art en Hard Rock Marbella.

The Suite involved had worked to ensure that every detail reflected the spirit of Pride Day. From vibrant colours to energising patterns, the room now exudes a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

The furniture is an explosion of colours representing diversity and inclusion, while the walls have become a canvas for artistic expression that conveys a message of love and acceptance.

Mercedes AMG SL63

JoGis Art has taken their creativity to a new level by transforming a Mercedes AMG SL 63 into a truly spectacular work of art.

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